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Medical Billing

The Fastest and Easiest Way To Build A Career

What is Medical BILLING?

Medical billers are the professionals responsible for the cash flow of a medical practice. They are knowledgeable about insurance regulations, health insurance contracts, medical coding, and bookkeeping. Biller creates claim for insurance company. Medical billers evaluates returned claim, determines amount of bill patient owes after insurance. Medical biller create an accurate bill which is then passed onto patient, if the patient being delinquent or unwilling to pay the bill the Medical Biller may have to hire a collections agency to ensure healthcare provider is properly compensated. The Medical Billers therefore acts as a sort of waypoint between patients, healthcare providers, and insurance companies.


With a solid education in the issues involved, successful medical billers are valued members of the healthcare delivery team that are well-paid for the performance of their duties. The medical billing career is perfect for those who enjoy dealing with people, because much of the time can be dedicated to talking with insurance companies and patients. The goal is to help make sure the medical billing process runs smoothly. Demand for qualified medical billers is closely associated with an aging population and changes in medical technology.

MEDICAL BILLING MEDLINES trains in understanding and knowledge of medical terms. MEDLINES also keep abreast of all changes to HIPAA as well as insurance compliance and medical laws. MEDLINES trains in accurate and timely invoices. MEDLINES trains to develop basic office skills, as well as the necessary medical terminology, medical coding systems, health insurance basics, insurance processing and billing, medical records maintenance, industry-related computer software, general administrative duties evaluate and analyze insurance coverage and medical charges, and prepare accurate billing forms to communicate with patients and healthcare experts. MEDLINES will teach you to effectively and efficiently maintain a patient's medical record and other health and medical information. Our curriculum is designed to help you become proficient on current industry software, forms and terminology. We help you understand the guidelines that govern medical billing and coding protocols in accordance with state and federal healthcare laws. This course will teach you everything you need to know about Medicaid and Medicare as a medical billing specialist. The goal of our program is to help you graduate with the confidence and qualifications to begin your career as a health claims examiner/medical biller.

Training COVERS

  • Basic Medical Knowledge
  • Physician and hospital coding practices
  • Coding & Billing software programs
  • Health insurance laws
  • Medical insurance claims
  • Electronic records management

Who Should Enroll?

Graduates and Postgraduates
Medical Transcriptionists, Exp/ Medical Coding Practitioner

Course duration:
45 Days

How To Enroll?


Call us or leave your number in online enquiry form.


An executive will attend you regarding details and questions.


Deposit fee amount as instructed by the attendant.


Training with live personal instructor.


Regular feedbacks and appraisal.


Final assessment.


Placement assistance or referral for successful candidates.